Jun. 1952 Iino Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd.'s Air Service Department started air passenger and air freight business as general sales agent in Japan for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Oct. 1960 Established Iino Kaiun Kaisha,Ltd as air service offshoot of Iino Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd
Jul. 1961 Approved as air cargo and passenger sales agent by International Air Transport Association (IATA)
Sep. 1962 Freight department obtained customhouse broker permit.
Feb. 1963 Invested in UAC (United Air cargo Consolidators, Inc.) and started consolidation business.
Nov. 1964 Changed company name to Iino-Kawasaki Travel, Inc.
Oct. 1969 Following investment by the parent companies, "K" Line-Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd., Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. and Kawasaki Steel Corp., the company was renamed "K" Line Air Service, Ltd. This name has remained unchanged.
Oct. 1970 "K" Line New York, Inc., a subsidiary of "K" Line, obtained IATA cargo agency approval for USA and further obtained air cargo consolidators license from the US Civil Aeronautics Board.
Nov. 1979 Four U.S. Offices of "K" Line New York, Inc, (NEW YORK, LOS ANGELES, SAN FRANCISCO and CHICAGO) were integrated into a new "K" Line Air Service (U.S.A.) Inc. with capital from KLAS Japan.
Jul. 1983 Constructed Baraki Warehouse as Air Cargo Terminal.
Oct. 1985 Started our own consolidation business by obtaining a license from Ministry of Transport in Japan.
Aug. 1994 Constructed Nanko Office as Kansai Branch.
Nov. 1996 Awarded ISO9002 (9001-2000) -KLAS Japan.
Sep. 1999 Awarded ISO9002-KLAS France.
Oct. 2000 Integration of Osaka Branch and Kobe Branch as a single unit named Hanshin Branch.
Aug. 2001 Awarded ISO9002 (9001-2000)-KLAS Phils.
Oct. 2001 "K" Line Travel Ltd. was officially registered and established with paid up capital of 100 Million Yen, 100% by KLAS Japan.
Jan. 2002 "K"Line Travel Ltd. took over the whole business of Passenger Division of KLAS Japan and started passenger business transactions.
Jun. 2002 Awarded ISO9001-2000 -KLAS Hong Kong
Jul. 2002 Changed main stock holder of “K” Line Logistics Holding,Inc.
Jul. 2002 Awarded ISO9002 (9001-2000)-KLAS Thailand.
Jul. 2002 Closed Detroit office (U.S.A).Transferred all function to Chicago.
Nov. 2002 Opened Mikawa Office
Apr. 2003 Opened Narita Logistics Center.
Aug. 2003 Awarded ISO9001-2000 -KLAS France
Dec. 2003 Opened Suzhou representative office (CHINA)
Aug. 2004 Opened Hangzhou representative office (CHINA)
Feb. 2005 Opened Niigata office
Feb. 2005 Opened Central Japan International Airport Office
Jan. 2006 Opened Vietnam office in Ho Chi Minh City.
Jan. 2006 Opened Kitakanto office in Tatebayashi, Gunma.
Jul. 2006 Changed company name to "K" LINE LOGISTICS, LTD.
Oct. 2006 Opened new warehouse in Torrance (U.S.A)
Nov. 2006 New Establishment of “K”LINE LOGISTICS (AUSTRALIA) PTY.LTD.,
Jan. 2007 Company Name Change to "K" Line Logistics (U.S.A.) Incorporated.
Jul. 2007 Awarded ISO9001- Chicago Branch (U.S.A)
Mar. 2007 Company Name Change to "K" Line Logistics (CHINA) LTD.
Dec. 2007 Awarded ISO9001- Los Angeles Branch (U.S.A)
Dec. 2007 Awarded ISO9001- Los Angeles Branch Torrance Cargo Center (U.S.A)
Jan. 2008 Opened Wuxi office (CHINA)
Feb. 2008 Opened Gifu office
Feb. 2008 Enhanced warehouse in Chicago Branch (U.S.A)
Mar. 2008 Opened Columbus office (U.S.A)
Aug. 2008 Opened Nagano office
Aug. 2008 Awarded ISO9001- Seattle Branch (U.S.A)
Jun. 2008 Opened Vietnam Hanoi representative office
Oct. 2008 Opened Eastern Seabord sales office (Thailand)
Dec. 2008 Awarded ISO9001-New York office (U.S.A)
Jan. 2009 Awarded ISO9001-Johor Baharu office (Malaysia)
Jan. 2009 Awarded ISO9001-Atlanta Branch (U.S.A)
Apr. 2009 Awarded ISO9001-Dallas Branch (U.S.A)
Mar. 2009 Opened Mumbai representative office (India)
Aug. 2009 Increase paid up capital to \600,000,000.-
Oct. 2010 Opened Haneda Airport Office
Dec. 2010 Relocation and integration of three offices in Yokohama
Jul. 2011 New Establishment of Ho Chi Minh Branch (Vietnam)
Aug. 2011 Opened Cincinnati office (U.S.A)
Jun. 2012 New Establishment of Shenzhen Branch, Guangzhou Branch, and opened Tianjin office and Xiamen office (China)
Apr. 2014 New Establishment of Hai Phong Branch (Vietnam)
May. 2014 Certified as AEO Custom Broker by the Royal Thai Customs Authority -KLL Thailand
Mar. 2015 New Establishment of “K” LINE LOGISTICS (MYANMAR) LTD.
Apr. 2015 Opened Charlotte office (U.S.A)
Oct. 2015 Moved Cincinnati office to Lexington (U.S.A)
Nov. 2015 Relocation and integration of three offices in Osaka
Jul. 2016 Certified as STP(AEO)Custom Broker by the Singapore Customs Authority -KLL Singapore
Apr. 2017 Opened lrapuato Office(MEXICO)
Apr. 2018 Participated in "DRIVE GREEN NETWORK (abbreviation: DGN)", an environmental management promotion framework of the “K” LINE Group, and obtained a declaration of conformity from a third party organization
Aug. 2018 Relocation and integration of Shibaura Offices to Nihonbashi Headquarters
Nov. 2018 Opened Don Mueang Office (THAILAND)
Nov. 2018 Opened Queretaro Office (MEXICO)
Mar. 2019 Certified as AS9120- Los Angeles Branch (U.S.A)
(Quality Management Systems - Aerospace Requirements for Stockist/Distributors)
Jun. 2019 Opened Huntsville Office (U.S.A)
Sep. 2019 Opened Hungarian Representative Office (U.K.)
Jun. 2020 Certified as AS9120
(Quality Management Systems - Aerospace Requirements for Stockist/Distributors)
Feb. 2021 Certified as EN9120- KLL UK
(Quality Management Systems - Aerospace Requirements for Stockist/Distributors)
May. 2021 Opened Laemchabang Office (THAILAND)
Jul. 2021 Certified as ISO9001:2015- KLL Singapore
Oct. 2021 Relocation of KLL Singapore Head office
Jan. 2022 Opened Narita CS Center
Jan. 2022 Relocation of Baraki Logistics Center
Jan. 2022 Relocation of Tokyo Head Office