Corporate standards of conduct

To contribute to sustainable development of society, as a group company of Kawasaki Kisen, we recognize that respecting for human rights and observing the laws are the basic principles, and the development of company goes along with society. We work with following principles:

  1. 1.Respect for human rights

    We respect human rights both nationally and internationally. To realize the comfortable and fulfilling lives, we will respect each employee’s personality, individuality and diversity, and provide a safe work environment .

  2. 2.Compliance with the code of practices

    We conduct straight, clear and free competition and proper transactions according to the laws and social rules.

  3. 3.Reliable group company

    We provide safety and useful services, and gain satisfaction and trust from our customers and society.

  4. 4.Environmental initiatives

    We proactively work on environmental initiatives, placing them the common tasks for human beings and the essential matters for the company activity and continuation.

  5. 5.Protection, management and disclosure of information and communication with society

    We protect and control information of projects or users properly, and disclose the company information at a suitable time. We strive for bidirectional communication with society including our stock holders.

  6. 6.Social contribution activity

    We initiatively work on social contribution activity as the exemplary citizens of our company, and support the activity of the group employees.

  7. 7.Concord with international society

    In case of international business development, we respect the culture and custom of each country, and we contribute to development of international society.

  8. 8.Blocking relationships with anti-social forces

    We have a showdown with anti-social forces or groups which threaten social order or citizens’ safety, and we will be through with blocking the relationships.

Senior management of “K”Line logistics takes a lead in upholding these principles as his role, and provides through instruction on these principles to all employees and group companies. We establish realistic company structure to realize these principles, and will request cooperation from our customers. Senior management settles company structure with a view of risk management to prevent from outbreaks against the principles. If there is a violation of these principles, senior management will directly resolve the issues and investigate the causes to prevent of recurrence, and disclose the information swiftly and accurately.