Promotion of work-life balance

We support employment environment and promote work-life balance to cope with both work and their families and to exert their own ability enough followings;


  • ・reducing overtime work.
  • ・promoting to acquire annual paid holiday
  • ・promoting to acquire childcare leave and short-time work system for employees who have preschool children.
  • ・Arranging working environment for woman to show their identity and ability.

Concrete steps

  • ・Carrying out a monthly check of working hours of every employees for the reduction of overtime work.
  • ・Sharing problems about the sections or employees that have a low acquisition rate and improvement of acquisition rate for promoting to acquire annual paid holiday.
  • ・Apply a flex-time system to every employees.
  • ・Compellation of promoting to acquire annual paid holiday and no-overtime day regularly.
  • ・Carrying out a stress check to prevent a mental slump of managers before they happen.
  • ・Reflection of employees’ voices to company from labor union through labor‐management consultation.
  • ・Arranging a safe work environment through Safety and Health Committee for working.