01 Cultural exchange by all KLL between Japan and the world Professional Equipment Section

Manager at Professional Equipment Section

Jun Imamura


Punctuality is natural, and with any reasons there are goods that has to be delivered in accordance with a schedule. The delivery should not be late nor can it be early. Stage-related equipment is one of them.

Imamura is in charge of getting the team work together at Professional Equipment Section. He says that it is normal to be prompt in Japan; however, it is more difficult than you imagine doing the same in a different culture with different custom in other countries, and it requires a lot of energy and know-how to do the business in the same way as we do in Japan.

The company has a long-term experience in dealing with various events in many countries and has a deep knowledge of local matters in each area or country, and thus making the firm cope with irregular matters needing immediate attention.

Setting a stage needs stage carpenters, a director, a lighting team, a sound team, and many other staffs. And there are audiences coming to the theater from all over the world. They are not allowed to disappoint them no matter what.

Imamura says that the very moment he feels rewarding is when he receives shipment on time. However, that moment is not prolonged because getting a job done means starting a new shipping for a next stage.


Imamura is mainly in charge of international shipment of stage equipment and tools. In accordance with an idea of a production company,“K”Line Logistics has acquired to transport stage equipment for a performance that fascinated the world to England and Singapore. With a long-term relationship with“K”Line Logistics, the company has a sense of security and trust to us, and that has made them select us to handle their important shipment.

Meeting the customer’s expectations, the task was successful. With such accomplishment, it should be easier for him to acquire new customers. However, he finds new clients by himself very little. He says “Now that we have a strong relationship with clients through projects, they introduce new customers to us. They tell their friends to consult us on transportation of stage tools. We really appreciate it.”

He tries his best to perform his work not only for the new customer but also for the client who introduced the new business to him. Such strong attitude leads to the quality service that no other companies imitate.


“We don’t want customers to compare only prices for our services.”, Imamura says. We found a hard reason during this interview.

It is the KLL way to provide customers with ease and trust by always putting a Japanese staff on site with the local representative. They are always with customers to answer their needs on time and attend to check shipment at the site. “A full support” is the team’s motto. They give higher priority to customer satisfaction than their company profit. That is KLL’s identity.

Imamura says that he tries to perform more services than what customer paid and expected. We asked his resolutions, and he says “For us, the actual site is the place for our business activities. We try our team’s best to perform 100% presence on-site with all aspects of our services.”